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Manning is not in the next season

After the 13th time loss, the Denver Manga team was not ready to return to his 17th season.

After the main family was lost to the Indiana pony between 13-124, Manning said in an interview: «I am very disappointed, I need time to recover, let’s talk about whether the next season is returned, I can’t give a quick answer. «

Before the start of the season, the 38-year-old old will also vowed to return to return.

However, after the interview in the playoff, Manning said cheap jersey websites that use paypal many factors will affect the return of the next season. He replied: «There are too many cases that may happen. I can’t answer one by one. If there is a coach leaves the team, I need time to come to clarify my thinking, and I have to observe my physical condition.»

Manning is only 4.6 yards at Sunday’s Sunday semi-finals, and there is no completion of Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders. Long distance passed. He has completed 26 times to win 211 yards and 1 time, and there is still a ball.

Manning’s contract is still 2 years, wholesale jerseys nfl and his non-harvest salary in next season is 19 million cheap jersey supply us dollars.