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Many steel people’s main force will miss the Famous Talent

In the Famous Talent, there will be many Pittsburgh steel people star players.

Si Dicard — Roethlisberger, Running Weidian — Bell (Le & # 39; Veon Bell), External Hand Antonio — Antonio Brown, near Hes — Miller (Heath Miller, where can i find cheap jerseys MAURKICE PUCEY, MAURKICE PUNCEY, and James Harrison, will absent this game against the NNADA.

The star player’s shortage is not rare, but the steel man is particularly cautious because they have five episodes this year. The coach Tomlin is careful to use their main players, and the list of war may have more names. «These are the players I am not intended to make them play,» Tom Lin said.

Exporting a good replacement quarter from the training camp will get a large number of appearance time. The steel man will determine his appearance time according where to get cheap jerseys the rhythm of the competition, but according to Tomlin, the Jones will «play a lot of time». » TAJH BOYD and Tayler Murphy will be next to sequential time.

Steel people let multiple key players rest in training camp training, including Markus Wheaton (Legs) and Safety San Mako — Thomarko Thomas (shoulder). As a result, Tom Lin hopes that young players can see the machine to avoid fouls. «A person’s misfortune is another chance of another person,» Tom Lin said. «We believe this. We have been experiencing such a thing.»