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Read «American show» common sense necessary

Beijing firecrackers February 8 morning, Monkey New Year’s Eve just stop, across the Atlantic, «American Spring Festival» Founding loud, 50th nfl jerseys Super Bowl in San Francisco opened sky, both games are the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers, my country’s more than 10 media will be broadcast live before the audience what information is necessary to understand it?

History of the American League promotion: Broncos kicked Patriots

Mustang regular season can be used to describe the ups and downs, faced the biggest challenge after the first half winning streak, headed quarterback Peyton & middot; Manning injury break, the young Aosihuaile stepped in last-minute win over instigated the attack Patriots, Broncos keep the top seed for the seat.

Federation finals they met the Patriots, the defending champion as the opponent is the favorite to win the Super Bowl, only just back from injury in the hands of the Broncos Peyton & middot; Manning instability and a public play wide receiver, but has first defensive alliance Mustang again with the plateau impregnable fortress to defend the home, Tom & middot; Brady who made four sacks and two steals, and defend the Patriots tied the game possible additional points in the final 2 minutes and 1 second.

Promotion of the League of Nations history: Panthers bite birds

Panthers regular season so smooth, straight after it suffered defeat in 13 games, setting a team record and Shi Liansheng best regular season record, they defend the forefront, scoring highest in the first, called spear shield profits of teams.

Panthers get the regular season is not first make the doubters believe that they are the favorites to win in the playoffs until successive win over the Seahawks and Cardinals two West Coast powerhouse, people exclaim «Black Panther was not dark horse», two games exactly the same smooth, all raid lead by tough defense and ground, when the opponents in shock and then subjected to heavy-handed, big lead after the end of suspense, the Panthers scored 49 points for the Cardinals also set up the League of Nations finals scoring record.

Soldiers on the battlefield of the «mighty force»

Manning — Brady opponents play a lot of media are considered the best individual sports history collide, Manning at the 17th may be the last time the two had played games against the caution, came two touchdowns, a distance of 200 code, also demonstrated his ability to control the key to the game to the people.

De Rees & middot; Thomas and Emanuel & middot; Sanders two seasons the ball over one thousand yards wide receiver, who is Manning’s right-hand man, defensive group linebacker Von & middot; Miller vicious sack, interception strong , is the first gates, cornerback Taleb body strong, accurate judgment, is the second gates, the contribution of the first league defensive quality.

Soldiers on the battlefield of «Butch hordes»

Cam & middot; Newton and Luke & middot; Jike Li two young offensive and defensive core grew up in the fighting, the former washed away with personal and Emmanuel emergent passing against opponents, pass two punch against the Cardinals won two of four array, is responsible for the ground defense Jike Li had two consecutive steals return touchdowns, the equivalent of a football match goalkeeper steals consecutive games before kick blew open the opponents goal, a great psychological blow to the opponent.

There are around Newton Stewart running back and tight end Olsen assistant, the former full impact, which cover the ball well versed in the open, behind Jike Li is a cornerback Norman, he called the anti-aircraft on football stadium missiles, often steals the opponent’s pass, any quarterback are not easy to pass in his direction.

Broncos backup group forces huge

Broncos chairman Joe & middot; Ellis-born family, former US President George Bush is his pro-uncle, George W. Bush is his cousin;

Vice President John & middot; Elway the NFL Hall of Fame quarterback who led the Broncos sweep the next two Super Bowl titles in the 1990s, it was he personally set up the current championship level team;

«South Park» cast members Terre & middot; Parker (Trey Parker) and Matt & middot; Stone (Matt Stone) in the drama performance Broncos jerseys and multiple game scenarios;

Golf superstar Tiger & middot; Woods (Tiger Woods) went to the stadium to cheer for the Broncos, he and ski star Lindsey & middot; Feng romance also been found at courtside.

Panthers star flavor back-up group

Panthers owner Jerry & middot; Richardson is the only NFL owner had pro experience, he developed football career as a life’s work;

Today’s hottest NBA star Stephen & middot; Curry Panthers diehard fans, the past few years continue to drum up support for the home team in the long distance of the West Coast, become the topic of NBA fans relish;

But better than distant neighbors, the library can not personally cheer in the game, NBA legend Michael & middot; Jordan sits Charlotte do to the neighborhood of friendship, often flattered to watch Newton’s performance;

The king of hip-hop’s Puff Diddy is also fond of the Panthers, who wore Panthers cheap jerseys from china singing and dancing at the concert;

Midfielder show men and women superstar performances side by side

Since 1993, Michael & middot; after Jackson moonwalk to conquer the earth with people, the Super Bowl has always been the world’s top midfield show singers stage, generation after generation star scrambling to come here.

Beyonce won a Grammy in the history of one of the most nominated singer in the world has a very high popularity, in 2013, she had boarded the Super Bowl intermission the stage show as the protagonist, with her partner at the time was » Destiny’s Child, «the old sister, brought back nostalgia fans, but also set a good start for his comeback after childbirth.

This year a British national treasure band «Coldplay» to join the ranks of the show, the group said the singer, the show will be closely linked to the content of «50th anniversary» theme, and predict the next 50 years the scene. They also intend to build on the progress, open the tour in the United States, the Super Bowl’s enormous influence into commercial gains after the Super Bowl.

Author: Zhao Zhiyuan